Sample Prep

The best technology available to increase the analytical performance and productivity of GC / MS and LC / MS systems

Thermal desorbers

The best thermal desorbers for all application needs, from the monitoring of volatile compounds in the air to the analysis of semi-volatile compounds in materials. Versatility and productivity guaranteed by the different sampling systems and elimination of the risk of contamination

TGA interface

EGA, Evolved Gas Analyzer for TGA GC-MS: instrumental configurations dedicated to optimizing the determination of evolved gases from the TGA.

Purge & Trap

Innovative P&T instruments by EST Analytical increases productivity, reduces carryover and maximizes results.

Mixer Diluitors

Complete range of dynamic dilutors for the preparation of gaseous standards

Pyrolysis and accessories

The best products for all application needs, from research to routine checks.


Wide range of sampling systems for aqueous and organic solutions, online and offline dilution systems, water and oil preparation systems and spray systems