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Technology:TGA interface


Programmable storage interface between TGA and GC/MSD.


The IST16 is a multi-loop storage interface that can be coupled to any TGA. During thermal degradation of the material, the composition of the gases varies too rapidly in GC or GC-MS analysis to follow a profile correctly.

This system collects the sample with 16 loops and starts an analysis for each loop after storage. The GC analysis time is then no longer a limit for monitoring degradation profiles with TGA/GC coupling.

The IST16 is fully programmable and configurable via its dedicated software. It allows editing an event table that controls the storage and options such as atmospheric pressure setting of the storage loops.

It is compatible with the GC 8890 and 7890 Agilent and can be adapted to any other GC manufacturer. The latest version includes a unique device allowing very good repeatability without altering storage or sampling.

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