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Catalyst screening reactors

Complete pyrolysis accessories line.


NEW Tandem μ-Reactor (Rx-3050TR) and Single μ-Reactor (Rx-3050SR)

Two types of rapid catalyst screening reactors (Tandem μ-Reactor and Single μ-Reactor) have been developed to facilitate the rapid characterization of catalysts. These μ-Reactors are easily interfaced to a gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy (GC/MS) system, allowing real-time monitoring of the chemical species generated by vapor phase contact reaction with a catalyst. The catalyst is packed into a quick-change quartz catalyst reaction tube prior to testing.


  • Catalysts screening with all sample forms Catalyst reaction products can be monitored through online-MS analysis mode. Also, GC/MS analysis can be performed at desired reactor temperatures.
  • Micro furnace capable for rapid heating/cooling
  • The micro furnace reactors feature with multi-linear temp. programs and multi-stepwise temp. programs (up to 8 steps). The ramp rate can be set from 1°C to max 200 °C/min, while the temperature can be controlled from 40 to 900°C.
  • Rapid switching of catalyst reaction tubes
  • Switching catalysts can be accomplished in a few minutes using the proprietary quartz reaction tube (i.d. 3 mm, o.d. 4 mm, length 78mm ).
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