Accessories PY

Complete pyrolysis accessories line.


On-line Micro Reaction Sampler (PY1-1050)

Seal sample and reagent in a glass capsule and after the high pressure, high temperature reaction inside EGA/PY-3030D, the capsule is shattered and the reaction products are introduced on-line into a GC separation column.

Micro TD Sampler (PY1-1060)

Volatile organic compounds adsorbed on Tenax, activated carbon or other sorbents can be concentrated and analyzed using the EGA/PY-3030D pyrolyzer.

Multi-Sample UV Irradiator (UV-1048E)

An option for Micro UV Irradiator (UV-1047Xe). It can simultaneously irradiate a maximum of 18 polymer samples in accelerated deterioration tests.

Auto-Shot Sampler (AS-1020E)

A 48 position auto sampler compatible with Tandem μ-Reactor.

NEW High Pressure Flow Controller (HP-3050FC)

Allows online GC analysis of products formed by catalytic reaction under 3.5 MPa. Peak retention times on chromatogram are unaffected by pressure.

Selective Sampler (SS-1010E)

Any set of EGA thermal zones can be heart-cut and the components introduced into a capillary column or vented.

MicroJet Cryo-Trap (MJT-1035E)

Cryo-traps low boiling compounds at the front of capillary column by cooling a spot of the column to -196°C using Liq. N2. The universal design allows it to work with most sample introduction devices.

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