LUNIA TGA-MicroGC Interface

Technology: TGA interface


LUNIA TGA-MicroGC Interface. Coupling any thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) with MicroGC.


The LUNIA TGA MicroGC is a rapid analyzer for organic and inorganic gases on its own.
It is a modular instrument consisting of 1 to 4 analysis modules working simultaneously and offering the separation of compounds from a gas mixture in 3 minutes.
Each module is a complete chromatograph with microinjector, capillary column and universal thermal conductivity detector (µTCD).
The MicroGC analysis sequence is initiated by the TGA at the beginning of the thermal degradation.
Then, the compounds generated by the evolved gas are separated and detected every 2 or 3 minutes in a concentration range from a few ppm to 100 % with very good linearity.

Technical specification:
  • Configurable MicroGC with up to 4 modules;
  • Less than 3 minutes of analysis time ;
  • Heated interface with a software programmable valve;
  • Selectable alarms related to concentrations, trends or comparison.
Developed by SRA, SOPRANE II performs the complete management of an analysis, from the sampling to the transmission of the results. A powerful graphical environment provides effectiveness and ease of use: it is possible to define a method and a sequence of analysis, to follow the trends for specific compounds during a TGA analysis. Soprane II manages the mass spectrometer and its Agilent Masshunter software and compiles all results in a same report.
Application notes
Study of a Biomass Sample by TGA-GC/MS and TGA-Micro GC/MS

Evolved compounds of biomass can be easily characterized by TGA coupled to a GC/MS (heavy and medium compounds) and MicroGC/MS (permanent and light compounds).

These techniques can be used to characterize the structure and composition of the various gases evolved from the thermal decomposition of biomass feedstocks, and hence help assess their potential as a source of energy.

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