GasMix Aiolos

Mélangeur-diluteur de gaz
Technology: Mixer Diluitors


Prepare in-situ your gas standards by dynamic dilution.


The Aiolos II is the last generation of this popular GasMix™ product produced by AlyTech since over 10 years. By mixing and/or diluting two to four gases the system generates calibration gas on site at the desired concentration, even to very low levels.

The accuracy and reproducibility of the prepared gas standards make it an accomplished tool, well-accepted by users concerned with metrological performances.

Using GasMix ™ Aiolos II you benefit of :

  • dedicated, user-friendly and intuitive software
  • less time consuming: programmed injection sequences is a great time-saver for routine quality procedures
  • full automation: by synchronizing dilutions, injection, flushing timings with an external analyzer
  • improved accuracy: multipoint MFC calibration curves for each used gas
  • rigorous metrology : full traceability, documentation, certification of the concentration accuracy
  • compliance with ISO 6145-7.

To save money and gain in flexibility, many laboratories use Aiolos – dynamic gas mixer from AlyTech – to perform multi-point calibration, linearity checks, LOQ/LOD validation.


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