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GasMix Aiolos

Technology:Mixer Diluitors


Prepare in-situ your gas standards by dynamic dilution.


Designed and produced by AlyTech, Aiolos enables multipoint gas calibrations by mixing and/or diluting 2 to 4 calibration gases. Using GasMix provides the following benefits:

  • Reducing the number of standard gas cylinders stored.
  • Standard additions and internal calibration for gas.
  • Adaptation to all your gas analysis instruments: being modular, it is a unique and universal sampler and injector.

The GasMix™ Aiolos Software

Thanks to its user-friendly dedicated software, GasMix™ Aiolos operates on its own in fully automated sequences. It can remotely control an injection valve (as an option) and/or the Start of your analyzer (presence of I/0 relays). The operator time is drastically reduced!

A RS485 link allows the software to control Mass Flow controller (MFC) ) and follow the instructions, reporting an alarm in case the actual flows would be abnormal or deviating (e.g. no more input gases). The user can declare the standard gas to dilute as indicated on the certificate, by taking into account the concentrations uncertainties. The software will then provide the concentration uncertainty realized in accordance with the flows of each channel flow.

Areas of applications

  • Calibration completion on a gas line analyzer
  • Analyzer validation
  • Automatic gas injector for GC
  • Creating a controlled atmosphere
  • Reactor continuous supply
  • Conditioning a line before analysis

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