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CIA Advantage

Cryogen-free automation for high-performance canister & bag analysis


CIA Advantage™ is an advanced system for the automated analysis of VOCs in canister air and gas. It has multiple-canister capacity and operates cryogen-free.

Product benefits:

  • Reduce running costs by avoiding the need for cryogen.
  •  Enhance throughput – capacity for up to 27 canisters and exceptionally low carryover allow you to run multiple applications in a single sequence, maximising productivity.
  •  Peace of mind – with unsurpassed analytical performance, CIA Advantage delivers the high-quality air monitoring results your customers demand.
  •  Future-proof your lab – incorporating method-compliant tube desorption, CIA Advantage allows you to respond to new applications and customer requirements.
  •  Be confident – you are buying state-of the-art, TO-15-compliant canister automation from the world’s leading manufacturer of air monitoring equipment.


  • Up to 27 channels allows round-the-clock automated operation.
  •  Cryogen-free operation reduces running costs.
  •  Operation is fully compliant with US EPA Methods TO-14 and TO-15.
  •  High- and low-concentration samples can be run in the same sequence.
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