CIA Advantage-xr

Technology: Thermal desorbers

MARKES International

Cryogen-free, automated canister and whole air preconcentration system


UNITY–CIA Advantage-xr™ is an inert, multi-channel system for the automated analysis of VOCs in canisters and bags. It has capacity for up to 27 channels, operates completely without cryogen, and is also compatible with on-line and tube-based sampling. It’s the ultimate system for high-throughput laboratories running the canister-based methods US EPA TO-15/TO-15A and Chinese EPA HJ 759. It is also ideal for analysts needing a versatile TD system able to handle other whole-air samples, as well as sorbent tubes.

Benefits of UNITY-CIA Advantage-xr

  • Reduced running costs– The allows analysis of compounds as volatile as C2 hydrocarbons without the need for cryogen, and the associated risk of flow-path blockage with ice.
  • Enhance productivity – Up to 27 canisters or bags at high and low concentrations can be analysed in a single unattended sequence, with sample throughput boosted by overlap mode.
  • Method-compliance – Internal standard capability, outstanding system linearity and part-per-trillion-level MDLs ensure full compliance with key methods such as US EPA TO-15/TO-15A and Chinese EPA HJ 759.
  • Future-proof – Because it incorporates capability for on-line monitoring and sorbent-tube desorption, CIA Advantage-xr allows you to respond to new applications and customer requirements.
  • Unsurpassed water management – Dry-Focus3™ three-stage focusing incorporates the Kori-xr™ water-removal module to allow simultaneous analysis of in humid air streams, without using liquid cryogen.
  • Expanded sampling capabilities – Options for loop or metered addition enable a wide range of samples or standards to be run, with pressures from sub-ambient pressure to 50 psig, and concentrations from ppt to percent level.
  • Intelligent software – Uptime is maximised thanks to built-in parameters for several standard methods, automated self-checking diagnostics, and usage/maintenance counters.
  • Streamlined analysis – Heated internal lines and efficient purging combine to eliminate carryover between samples, meaning fewer blanks.
  • Broad system compatibility – The short, heated transfer line means that the UNITY–CIA Advantage-xr can be installed on all major makes of GC and GC–MS.
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