GasMix Zephyr

Technology: Mixer Diluitors


Smaller size for bigger projects!


Zephyr, the latest addition in the GASMIXTM by AlyTech range, makes dilution even easier and more accessible! It is the right tool for laboratories looking for an affordable and accurate solution to their calibration needs.

Its 5-inch / 13 cm touch screen enables controlling 2 mass flow controllers to prepare standard gas from a concentrated gas and a diluent gas. These mixtures and dilutions can be programmed into sequences that allow to automatically establish a multipoint calibration curve, recreating atmospheres, and many other applications.

Advantages :

  • Easy to use
  • Small and portable
  • Reduces user time
  • Calibration curves tailored to each gas used
  • customizable gas inputs and outputs

Zesoft, its dedicated softwareInterface

The software developed for the needs of Zephyr automatically manages injections gas or pre-programmed sequence, with or without replicas. The uncertainty associated with the final concentration is calculated by the software based on the flow used and the uncertainty of the initial concentration. With two dry contacts, the software may be pending or send a signal, for example to control an external valve or start an analyzer.

NEW! Intelligent Sequencing: the user enters the number of points, and the maximum and minimum concentrations of its range, and the software automatically offers each level of concentration.


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