• The Centurion purge and trap autosampler holds up to 100 water and 90 soil samples
  • Dual mode allows two concentrators to hook up to one Centurion and one GC
  • Optical sensors eliminate lost vial, syringe home, and elevator not home errors commonly found in older purge & trap autosamplers
  • Unique software (patent pending) enables labs to run waters as soils to save time through a single calibration

Due to improvements in column technology, EPA Methods such as 8260 can now be performed in about 10 minutes without sacrificing chromatographic resolution. The purge and trap cycle time has become the limiting factor to sample throughput. EST Analytical is the leading innovator in supplying several high throughput VOC solutions to environmental laboratories. The key to any of EST Analytical’s high throughput configurations is that NONE of the traditional parameters need to be altered from the recommended or stipulated parameters in EPA methodologies.

Only the Centurion series Purge and Trap Autosampler offers a built-in option which allows the autosampler to connect and control two different purge and trap concentrators. When connected to a single GC/MS, you can improve your VOC throughput up to 80 to 100 runs per day! This is equivalent to two or more conventional systems at a fraction of the cost. All sequencing is controlled by the Centurion autosampler. GC and concentrator signals are tracked to ensure nothing gets out of sequence.