Technology: TGA interface


The IST1 is designed to be coupled to any TGA and GC/MS models


Thermogravimetry combined with gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (TGA-GC/MS) can be one choice for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of evolved gases. During the thermal degradation cycle of the materials, the composition of the evolved gas changes too fast for a GC/MS analysis in its standard configuration.
With IST Interface, the chromatographic separation time is no longer a limitation for the detailed study of complex thermal analysis profiles.
The IST1 interface allows to store 1 loop of the gaseous effuent from the TGA and to automatically inject it into the GC/MS. The IST1 is designed to be coupled to any TGA and GC/MS models. IST1 can be upgraded from 1 to 16 loops.

Technical specification:
  • 1 storage loop;
  • Transfer lines temperature up to 250 °C;
  • Loop volume: 250 µL in standard, customisedvolumes on request;
  • Multisystem compatibility;
  • Fully automated;
  • Lines and loops treatment: Sulfinert
The SRA IST software allows to edit the storage sequence, save the methods, view the status of the instrument and automatically manage the start of the GC analyses.
The gases evolve during the cycle of the TGA are transmitted to the storage interface and then to the GC via heated and temperature controlled micro-volume transfer lines.
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