Equipment about the electromagnetic and corpuscular radiation spectra divided by infrared spectroscopy, plasma mass, spectrophotometry and ultraviolet spectroscopy.  

VUV Analyzer

Universal chromatographic detector, which provides qualitative and quantitative results, thanks to the application of absorption spectroscopy in the Vacuum Ultraviolet region


Intuitive and reliable instruments, designed to provide high-level information   for various fields of analysis.

TGA Interface

EGA, Evolved Gas Analyzer for TGA FT-IR: instrumental configurations dedicated to optimizing the determination of evolved gases from the TGA.

XRF analyzers by XOS

The XOS portfolio offers portable, laboratory and process analyzers for various fields of application from the oil industry to the environmental laboratory, to the characterization of materials and consumer products

MP-AES, ICP-OES and accessories

The best-in-class MP-AES and ICP-OES tools deliver unparalleled performance across the full range of applications

FT-IR / NIR and accessories

Innovative, intuitive and reliable tools to provide superior quantitative and qualitative information for the most varied fields of analysis