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Technology:Mixer Diluitors


Calibrating a gas analyzer from a liquid solution is now possible.


Alytech LiqMix

New fields of study require gas standards which are not commercially available bottles: siloxanes, BTX (benzene, toluene, xylenes), and other organic solvents or mixtures thereof. For these applications we created LiqMix, enabling a controlled evaporation of a liquid solution in a gas stream in order to generate a standard gas at different concentrations.

Its benefits:

  • Creation of gases unavailable on the market
  • Its heated line for avoiding condensation phenomena

The LiqMix Software:

The custom designed software continuously monitors and controls mass flow controllers (MFC’s), automating the gas mixtures generation in a preprogrammed sequence. Thanks to relays the software can be remotely controlled or send a signal, in order to –for instance- drive an external valve or start an analysis run. This process automation is real time-saving for the operator.

The LiqMix software controls the temperature set points for the evaporator and the heated lines. This ensures that the newly generated gas standard is kept in a gas phase up to the injection point of the analyzer or any other delivery point.

User-friendly and intuitive, the software can be quickly mastered. It also comprises a follow-up function, the audit trail, ensuring a total traceability of each operation. All sequences may be recorded to be recalled at any time.

Applications :

  • Analyzer calibration: GC, car industry analyzers, petrochemistry analyzers and so on.
  • Generating analytical standards of biogas.
  • Creating standards for the analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Analyzers calibration for air treatment units’ characterization.

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