LabWorks Platform Gerstel

Technology: Sample automation


The GERSTEL LabWorks Platform is the only truly universal system for sample introduction for GC-MS. lt provides unmatched capability and flexibility in solving your critical challenges.


The standard platform provides 10 automated sample introduction techniques, all controlled by GERSTEL Maestro software which integrates seamlessly with Agilent ChemStation, MassHunter and Open Lab software.
There is no need to have a different instrument for each technique. Liquid, Headspace and Thermal Desorption are all included without the need for additional bench space.

Labworks 10 Standard Techniques

  • Liquid lnjection
  • Large Volume lnjection
  • Headspace lnjection
  • Multiple Headspace lnjection with Trapping
  • True HS Enrichment
  • Twister
  • Direct Thermal Extraction
  • Sorbent tubes
  • Micro-vial (ATEX)
  • Sample Preparation

The LabWorks Platform features TrueTrap technology that provides discrimination free trapping of compounds without the need for valves and transfer lines. This is a requirement for determination of unknown compounds (non-targeted analysis). This technology can be used with Headspace, Thermal Desorption, SPME, SPME -Arrow, SBSE and TF – SPME for true compound enrichment, achieving unsurpassed detection limits. The LabWorks Platform also has sample preparation capabilities, such as internal standard addition, sample dilution, derivatization, and preparation of calibration curves.

LabWorks Platform Hardware Components

  • MPS robotic autosampler – Automates all sample introduction techniques as well as sample preparation functions
  • Thermal Desorption Unit (TDU 2) – Provides analyte introduction for all types of sample matrices
  • Cooled lnjection System (CIS4) – PTV type inlet that also acts as a universal trap for thermal desorption

LabWorks Standard Sample lntroduction Techniques

  • Liquid, including sandwich technique
  • Headspace
  • Thermal Desorption

Key LabWorks Platform Features

  • 10 sample introduction techniques included in standard platform
  • TrueTrap technology requires only one trap for all applications
  • Cryogen free trapping for target analysis
  • True Enrichment for HS, SPME, TD, Twister, TF-SPME and DHS techniques
  • No valves or transfer lines – required for non-targeted analysis
  • Easy addition of up to 10 additional sample introduction techniques
  • Easy addition of more advanced analytical techniques (ODP, 1D/2D, etc.)
  • GC inlet does not need tobe reconfigured when switching between techniques
  • Requires no additional bench space
  • Maestro integration into Agilent software platforms.


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