Multi Position Evaporation Station mVAP

Technology: Sample automation


Fully automated solvent evaporation


The GERSTEL Multi-Position Evaporation Station (mVAP) performs solvent evaporation enabling automated sample concentration for lower detection limits as well as solvent exchange for improved chromatography and LC/MS ionization.
mVAP is an option for the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS): Up to 196 samples in standard autosampler vials can be concentrated in batches of up to six. Concentration is performed at user defined temperature, agitation and vacuum levels enabling highly flexible operation with mild temperature conditions and limited analyte loss.
Concentration in the mVAP can be combined with a wide variety of sample preparation and clean-up techniques such as SPE, dispersive SPE (DPX), liquid/liquid extraction or filtration with the significant benefit of automated injection of the concentrated sample into a GC/MS or LC/MS system. Every step is controlled by mouse-click using the MAESTRO PrepBuilder. Just one method and one sequence table is needed for the entire process including GC/MS or LC/MS analysis.

Application notes
Fully Automated Determination of 3-MCPD and Glycidol in Edible Oils by GC/MS

Fully Automated Determination of 3-MCPD and Glycidol in Edible Oils by GC/MS Based on the Commonly Used Methods ISO 18363-1, AOCS Cd 29c-13, and DGF C-VI 18 (10)

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