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Reference software in MicroGC Multi-instruments, to control the whole range of MicroGCs in process or in the laboratory


Thanks to the success of SOPRANE version 1 for several years, we are pleased to offer you a completely new version 2, totally reprogrammed with many visual and ergonomic features. This new version will adapt to current platforms, will be able to control several analyzers simultaneously.

Adapted for laboratory or process MicroGC applications, SOPRANE II has a powerful graphic environment providing effectiveness and easy use.

From the method creation to the result report, SOPRANE II is easy and powerful. It gives you many possibilities and options to make your entire analysis project successful:

  • Multi-platform (MicroGC Agilent 490, 3000, R3000, PGC3000…).
  • Multi-instance : Can drive several instruments at the same time.
  • Create and edit methods.
  • 1 to 16 stream selection.
  • MicroGC piloting in sample, sequence or automated mode.
  • Peak integration and identification.
  • Specific calculation (ICV, SCV, density, M, Wobbe index, …).
  • Management of defects and alarms.
  • Impression du rapport final.
  • Visualization and results archiving (values and trends).
  • Report printing (manually or automatically).
  • Data transmission (4-20 mA and serial link) for alarms and values.
  • External data reading (pressure, temperature), integration in specific calculations.
  • Calibration and bake out programming for automated applications.
  • Chromatograms comparison, mathematical operations on the signal.
  • SOPRANE II also ensures the automatic handling of calibrations or regenerations, analyzes reprocessing or the comparison of chromatograms.

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