SOPRANE CDS software

Software for GC and MicroGC developed entirely by SRA. Simplicity and high performance for laboratory analysis, on-line applications and processes.


Soprane CDS is a powerful software platform, created by SRA Instruments, which manages the gas chromatographic analysis and all the logical integration of the analyzer in the specific context of the measurement: from the automation phase of the sampling to the integration of the signals, until the transmission of the results and the alarms.

Numerous connection possibilities to hardware interfaces allow the activation of relays, the acquisition and transmission of digital and logic signals and the control of measuring systems.

All actions or events are part of the analysis sequences that Soprane CDS allows to perform automatically.
Its modern and intuitive graphical interface makes it easy to visualize the results of the analyses and the graphical trends.

Each PC on which Soprane CDS is installed can simultaneously control 4 instruments, from which it acquires and processes signals, generates data, performs calculations and automatically transmits the results and, finally, produces personalized and customizable reports.

Soprane CDS can :

  • control Agilent 8890, 8860, 7890, 7820 GC series with specific drivers
  • control the Varian 4900, Agilent 3000, 490, 990 and all MicroGC from SRA Instruments
  • check the status of the systems, adjust and program the different parameters from dedicated pages
  • manage line selectors, electrovalves, VICI Valco multi-position valves
  • manage external accessories, suction pumps, flow or pressure sensors, sampling elements and interfaces for results transmission
  • monitor output and input alarms
  • manage sequences and automatic calibrations
  • acquire signals from external analyzers and integrate the values into the chromatographic results
  • communicate the results in analog mode or via Modbus.

The software to enlarge your MicroGC experience !

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