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The 990 Mobile Micro GC is perfect for monitoring perimeters, multiple drilling sites, and natural gas pipelines. Take it with you whenever you need to analyze gas samples away from your lab.


Agilent 990 Mobile Micro GC system. Your go-anywhere GC

This portable, self-contained GC system includes a rugged field case with onboard gas cylinders and rechargeable batteries. So you can bring your analyzer to the sample with ease.

It lets you:

  • Increase productivity with up to 16 hours of battery life for out-of-lab analysis.
  • Leave your laptop and cables at the lab. Stay connected with an intuitive user interface, plus optional wireless connection to a tablet or smartphone.
  • View simplified results in full or “true/false” mode for instant feedback.
  • Store full results on a mass storage device for post-processing in your lab.
  • View system status quickly with a user-friendly touch screen.
Application notes
Calculation of Natural Gas Calorific Value with the Agilent 990 PRO Micro GC System

This Application Note demonstrates natural gas composition analysis and energy content calculation by the Agilent 990 PRO Micro GC.

File size: 602 KB
Fast Analysis of Natural Gas Using the Agilent 990 Micro GC

This study demonstrates four types of NGA analyzers based on the 990 Micro GC platform. The configuration of each analyzer is determined by the composition of the target natural gas stream.

File size: 3 MB
BTEX Analysis with the Agilent 990

The excellent RT and area repeatability show lab quality results achieved on the portable 990 Micro GC

File size: 416 KB


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