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The 8860 Gas Chromatograph (GC) System sets the standard for routine GC analysis. Tested to Agilent quality standards, the 8860 offers the reliability and robustness you expect from Agilent. Configurable with up to two inlets, three valves, and three detectors, including a single quadrupole mass spectrometer, the 8860 addresses a wide range of routine GC application areas.

The 8860 GC System features built-in intelligence that enables remote connectivity to allow you to monitor your GC system, check system logs, and make method changes outside of the laboratory. The intuitive touch screen interface offers you real-time instrument status information. Cost-effective options such as DA Express and electronic pneumatic regulation (EPR) make the 8860 an attractive option for any laboratory. Based on the core platform designs of the industry standard 7890 GC, the 8860 elevates routine GC analysis to new levels of performance, reliability, and cost effectiveness.

Application notes
106_Hydrogen detection with a TCD using mixed carrier gas
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