Rack-mountable MicroGC analyzer

Technology: Process


A solution dedicated to industry for use in workshops, pilot plants, process controls,…


The needs of industry are not those of the laboratory. To adapt to the environment of a control room or production unit, SRA Instruments proposes a MicroGC in the form of a 19″rack.

The analyzer can contain 1 to 3 analytical modules (4 on request) and offers the same advantages in terms of modularity and speed of replacement as a conventional MicroGC. The rack-mountable MicroGC can integrate numerous communication options and be remotely controlled up to several hundred meters.

Since it is a specific design, this device allows you to incorporate flow selection automatisms, filters and specific sampling systems that meet your process or analysis needs directly into the analyzer.

The 19″ rack version is available in 2 different models, 4U and 5U high.

Several accessories can be fitted on the rear panel, such as filter elements or flow selection electro valves. Do not hesitate to contact us for any specific request.

The R series MicroGC is controlled by Soprane II software.

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Application notes
038_Detection from few ppm up to 100% with Micro-GC

The efficient linear dynamic range of Thermal Conductivity Detector is illustrated

041_Methanthiol fast analysis

Chromatogram of CH3SH analysis (< 50 seconds)

045_Analysis of CO2, H2S, COS, SO2, CH3SH in Nitrogen

Carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and carbonyl sulfide analysis in nitrogen in less than 90 sec.

047_Chloro-fluoro-carbons (CFCs) Analysis

Foranes : 143a, 142b, 141b and 365mfc separation in less than 200 seconds

070_Butane, Methylacetylene, Propadiene in Propylene matrix with Micro-GC

Analysis of impurities in a propylene matrix

File size: 395 KB
071_Traces of NH3 in natural gas
Sample measurement of ammonia NH3 traces with a special column and a dedicated module.
072_Analysis of H2, CO, CO2 and CH4 in air with one MicroGC module.
Analysis of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane in air with a single MicroGC module and its special column.
073_Analysis of permanent gas in underground
Analysis of neon, argon, oxygen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide from groundwater.
074_Formic acid in CO2 matrix with MicroGC
Analysis in less than 60s of formic acid in a MicroGC CO2 matrix. A MicroGC module and its special column are dedicated to the analysis of formic acid. In this configuration, it is possible to detect this compound up to a few tens of ppmV.
092_Fast separation of oxygen and nitrogen on a Molsieve 5A channel
File size: 213 KB
095_Analysis of Methyl Ethyl Sulfide (MES) in natural gas
File size: 133 KB
097_C1-C3 hydrocarbon analysis-Separation characteristics for PPU and PPQ
File size: 320 KB
098_Analysis of biogas
File size: 253 KB
100_Fast analysis of natural gas using the Agilent 490 MicroGC natural gas analyser
File size: 1 MB
102_Analysis of sulfur compounds in natural gas
File size: 692 KB
107_Fast gas composition analysis for fuel cell development and testing
File size: 332 KB
110_Analysis of low ppm levels of hydrogen sulfide and carbonyl sulfide
File size: 291 KB


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