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The 8890 Gas Chromatograph (GC) System continues Agilent’s legacy as the provider of proven gas chromatography systems that deliver the utmost reliability and highest performance.

As the most flexible and configurable gas chromatography system, the 8890 addresses whatever your specific analysis demands.

When your results are critical and instrument operation is a must, the 8890 exceeds expectations for uptime and accuracy, every time.

The 8890 GC System features built-in intelligence that enables remote connectivity allowing you to monitor your system from home, office, or remote location. Autonomous and user-initiated system checks monitor system health, alerting you to potential issues and provides aids to help you quickly resolve them to maximize uptime Guided maintenance provides users with step-by-step instructions on common maintenance procedures. Sixth generation electronic pneumatic control (EPC) allows for autonomous diagnostic tests such a leak check and an architecture to protect against gas contaminants such as particulates, water, and oils, improving reliability and longevity of the system.


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