MicroGC / Mass spectrometer coupling


The SOLIA is a very fast gas analyzer using gas chromatography to separate compounds from a gas mixture in less than 3 minutes.

It is a modular instrument composed of 1 to 4 complementary analytical modules. Each module can analyze several compounds that are detected by a universal non-destructive detector. Then, a quadrupole mass spectrometer can formally identify each of the separate compounds.

A single interface allows the association of the 2 detectors in series, without loss of performance.

The analyzer allows the qualitative and quantitative analysis of complex gas mixtures. Most compounds are detected by the universal detector in a concentration range from 1 ppm to 100% with very good linearity. Mass spectrometer coupling improves sensitivity to 50 ppb or less.

Application notes
009_THT in Natural gas

SIM mode specific detection of the compound

010_VOC analysis in 160 seconds

Separation of 8 compounds including 3 with spectral deconvolution

013_Work atmosphere control

Online monitoring, 24-hour air quality of a chemical plant workshop

039_Qualitative and quantitative VOC analysis on field

Use of a concentrator and 2 different chromatographic columns coupled to the mass spectrometer for the analysis of many organic compounds at trace level

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055_Isotopic analysis with µGC-MS coupling

In this application note, µGC/MS coupling is used to measure 13CH4/12CH4 and 13CO2/12CO2 isotopic ratio for a biogas sample with isotopes as tracers

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