Agilent 4500 Series Portable FT-IR

Specifically designed to provide the same performance of traditional FT-IR instrumentation Agilent Series FT-IR portable offers: small, operating in the mid-infrared region, ease of use and high productivity at low cost.


Agilent 4500 Series Portable FTIR

The Agilent 4500 Series Portable FTIR Spectrometers are portable analyzers that support efforts associated with at site analysis of incoming materials and outgoing finished products in the chemical, food and polymer industries.
They are also ideal for proactive maintenance programs of high value equipment and machinery in construction and power production industries.
Exceedingly compact, easy to use and rugged, it is a perfect match for applications that require high quality answers quickly.
The combination of optics designed for reliability in non-lab environments, innovative sampling interfaces and fit-for-purpose software provides answers for liquid and solid samples at the sample site.

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