Aflatoxin M1 Analysis

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Aflatoxin M1 (AFM1) is the hydroxylated metabolite of AFB1. For the first time, AFM1 was found in the milk of lactating animals that consume feedstuffs contaminated with AFB1 in the 1960s. For AFM1, the Scientific Committee for Food concluded that there is sufficient evidences that aflatoxin notoxic carcinogen; its carcinogenic potency is estimated to be approximately 10 times lower than aflatoxin B1.
The European Community prescribes that the maximum level of AFM1 in liquid milk should not exceed 0.05 ppb (European Commission 2001). Such low limits require highly sensitive methods for the detection and quantification of AFM1 in milk. Jasem technology focuses on improvement of the sample preparation part, since this analysis-part is till now taking dis-proportional long time in existing reference & in house methods.

No need for immunoaffinity column extraction
Very easy sample preparation
Shorter run time
No source contamination

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