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Clinical Kits

Technology:Application Kits


Sample Preparation Kit Jasem® Clinical Kits Development

  • Simple and practical sample preparation
  • Short analysis time
  • Reliable and sensitive analysis
  • Low analysis cost (without derivatization, SPE or concentration)
  • Longer column life-time

Steroid Hormones Kit
Using a liquid–liquid-extraction (LLE) protocol for preparation of specimen and no derivatization is needed.
Detection of multiple target analytes in a single run.
Measurement of multi-class steroids without sacrificing analysis time.
Ensure accurate quantitation, high sensitivity and selectivity comparing to immunoassays.

New Born Screening Kit
Direct analysis from DBS extract without derivatization.
Profile of amino acids&free carnitine/acylcarnitines could be modified/widened for clinical applications.
Consisting of three scan types-Precursor Ion, Neutral Loss and MRM in the sequence.

Urinary Organic Acid Kit
Analysis of 54 organic acids without derivatization.
Quick and easy sample preparation; just dilution!
12 minutes run for each panel (Total analysis time 24 minutes-Panel 1&2)
Successful chromatographic separation of isomers.

Amino Acids Kit
Allows analysis without derivatization
Fast and simple preparation, no need SPE
Long lifetime HPLC column
Short analysis time ( total analysis time 7.5min)
Allow analysis allo-isoleucine for maple syrup disease diagnosis with only second injection

Vitamin D2/D3 Kit
No need SPE, on-line SPE or evaporation
Use of only one standard HPLC system and one column
Quick and easy sample preparation
Monitoring also 3-epi-25-hydroxy vitamin D3 therefore more accurate results

Homocysteine Kit
No need on-line SPE
Use of only one standard HPLC system and one column
Quick and easy sample preparation
Short analysis time (total analysis time 5 min)

Immunosuppresive Drugs Kit
Rapid, straightforward and cost saving sample preparation (protein precipitation)
Ensure high sensitivity and selectivity comparing to immunoassays
High sample throughput

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