Ultivo triple quadrupole LC/MS (LC/TQ)

Technology: LC/MS


Ultivo presents a transformative approach to LC/TQ and is the newest member of the Agilent Triple Quadrupole family.


At the core of Ultivo lie our Triad Technologies (Tt) – Vortex Collision Cell, Cyclone Ion Guide, and VacShield. These innovations afford technicians the sensitivity, robustness, reliability, and performance required for the day-in, day-out challenges of high-throughput sample analysis in the applied markets. “Quant-My-Way” software has been streamlined to emulate your targeted workflows, and system diagnostics alert you in a straightforward manner to items requiring attention. Ultivo is Agilent’s first stackable LC/TQ that eliminates the MS footprint by incorporating the MS into the LC stack. Ultivo lies at the juxtaposition of “unbelievably powerful and remarkably small.


  • Instrument maintenance downtime is minimized and laboratory efficiency increases with VacShield; it is not necessary to vent the entire vacuum manifold for routine maintenance of the capillary interface.
  • The Cyclone Ion Guide compresses the ion beam, resulting in higher ion transmission efficiencies and enhanced data quality.
  • The new Vortex Collision Cell provides efficient dissociation of ions in the cell, improved focusing and transmission of ions, and rapid clearance of the cell between mass transitions, thereby allowing for more MRMs/sec, zero crosstalk and greater confidence in results by removing noisy background.
  • Smallest footprint of any LC/TQ on the market-price performance per square foot ratio leads to reduced costs and fastest path to achieving ROI.
  • Reproducible and reliable assay results in complex sample matrices, 24/7.
  • Intuitive operational design – “Quant-My-Way” software follows the customer’s workflow, minimizes the potential for errors, and gets the correct results the first time.
  • Smart, self-aware diagnostics ensure optimum uptime and help to drive down maintenance costs.
  • Screen, confirm and quantify – Triggered MRM (tMRM) combines fast and sensitive MRM quantification with the generation of a product ion spectrum for compound screening and confirmation.
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