ZX1 ZOEX Thermal Modulator

Technology: GCxGC

ZOEX Corporation

Loop thermal modulator with liquid nitrogen cooling


The Zoex modulator is most efficient and versatile technology solution, ideal for use in research and environments that demand elevated flexibility to approach a variety of different applications.
The design uses a fused-silica capillary column coiled in a loop and connected at the extremities to the primary and secondary column, respectively.
A cold jet, cooled by a liquid nitrogen bath, traps the analytes eluting from the primary column whereas a pulsing hot jet re-mobilizes them into the loop for a second refocusing, followed by a very quick transfer as a narrow injection band into the second column. The periodic switching between collection and re-mobilization takes place for the entire duration of the chromatographic run.

Main application fields:
Petrochemicals, Aroma compounds, Fragrances and perfumes, Metabolomics, Environmental Forensic


  • 2 stage loop modulator
  • can modulate 2 loops in 1 Column Holder: two modulators for the price of one
  • liquid N2 cooling bath (optional 5, 10 or 20 liters)
  • modulation rated for C6+
  • installs on Agilent 8890 e 7890 GC
  • secondary oven installed as an option
  • secondary oven can lead or lag the main oven up to 40°C
  • no moving parts
  • modulation cycle range from 1000ms – 32000ms


  • Easy to install; most users can manage own installation within 2 hours
  • can be uninstalled and allow GC to be used for other methods. Not necessary to have dedicated GC
  • sharpest known modulation gives sharpest secondary peaks, hence highest possible secondary peak capacity.
  • higher sensitivity than non-thermal modulators due to peak focusing
  • compatible with MS at ordinary flow rates, unlike non-thermal modulators.
Application notes
File size: 833 KB
Quantitative determination of 54 allergens in raw fragrances using GCxGC-QMS/FID
File size: 596 KB


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