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Optimode V.2



The best modulation controller for GCxGC with thermal modulator on the market


Developed by SRA Instruments, the Optimode is the heart of your bi-dimensional chromatography system: it controls the injection of gases from the first column into the second. The Optimode controls the mass flow of a cold air jet which ensures the adsorption of chemical species in the intermediate zone. They are desorbed periodically by a pulse of hot air. For 2D imaging, it is essential to keep this period (modulation) repeatable. The introduction of Optimode version 2 offers new possibilities for the GCxGC :

  • Better accuracy and repeatability of modulation time
  • Multi-modulation management: adapt the modulation time during the analysis
  • Intuitive web programming interface, no software installation required
  • Optimode is connected in network (ethernet) like the rest of your GC installation

The Optimode uses the best state of the art in embedded electronics for accurate time control. The first pulse of hot air is launched within 2 ms of the GC command. The modulation period is repeatable to within 12.5 ns. The mass flow rate is controlled on 8 bits (0.39 % sensitivity), its characteristic response time is less than 1 ms. The clock drift is also very low (one part for 120,000, or 30 ms/h). In addition to these high performances, the Optimode supports multi-modulation: the hot air jet control parameters are modified during the analysis according to a predefined table, adapted to the analysis products.

The Optimode interface is fully integrated: the device hosts an embedded server. This provides the web pages needed to control the settings. Access requires only a network connection and a web browser.
The interface is intuitive, divided into pages each dedicated to a mode of use (simple modulation, multi-modulation, maintenance, etc.). Each page is divided into 3 parts.

  • An on-board manual, presenting the interface and the function concerned.
  • A real-time display section of the card parameters (hot air jet on or off, mass flow opening, start contact open or closed, time elapsed since the beginning of a cycle, etc.),
  • A configuration section, allowing to configure the system.

The Optimode can also be used not connected: with factory settings, or after configuration by Web.

Application notes
Recent Advances in Optimization of the Thermal Modulation
File size: 2 MB
Optimization of time-flow parameters for thermal modulation
File size: 639 KB


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