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MicroGC reference software, to control the whole range of MicroGC in process or in the laboratory


The Soprane software is becoming a must in the world of MicroGC and is chosen by the biggest companies for its unequalled functionalities and its ease of use. Since version 3.0 you can control the most popular MicroGC models on the market that are Inficon 3000 and Agilent (ex Varian) CP490 … and of course, the whole range of MicroGC SRA instruments solutions.

Perfectly adapted to online analysis and laboratory needs, SOPRANE benefits from a powerful graphic environment, guaranteeing efficiency and ease of use.

To see Soprane II, the last version of Soprane I

There is also a Metrology version of the Soprane I software, which is used with our metrology-certified biomethane analyzer

From method editing to results management, Soprane combines power, simplicity and performance and offers you a very wide range of features for all your MicroGC analysis projects :

  • Method creation and editing,
  • Selection from 1 to 16 streams,
  • Analyzer control,
  • Integration of analysis signals,
  • Analytical and post-analytical calculations (ICV, SCV, density, M, Wobbe index, …),
  • Defaults and alarms management,
  • Visualization and archiving of results (numerical values and trend curves),
  • Printing of the final report (manual or automatic),
  • Transmission (4-20 mA and serial links) of calculated values and alarms.
  • Data transmission on fieldbus: Modbus, Profibus…
  • DDE communication for your custom applications
  • Pre-Run and post run capability for more flexibility in your applications
  • Possibility of reading external data (pressure, temperature) to integrate into the analysis calculations
  • Custom calculations edited directly in Excel
  • Programming of calibrations and regenerations for automatic operation
  • Comparison of chromatograms, mathematical operations on the signal

Soprane also provides automatic support for calibrations or regenerations, reprocessing of analyses or comparison of chromatograms.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information about Soprane for your MicroGC. Soprane pilots the entire range of MicroGCs:

M100, M100H, M200, M200H, P100, P100H, P200, P200H, QUAD, QUAD, QUAD RGA

MicroGC 3000, MicroGC in Rack, Process…

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