Metrology-certified Biomethane Analyzer

This metrology-certified MicroGC SRA solution is dedicated to the analysis of Biomethane quality and its superior heat value


Measuring the quality and the superior heat value of Biomethane are essential parameters prior to injection into the natural gas transportation and distribution network. The Biomethane Analyzer has been developed by SRA Instruments to meet this requirement and has been certified by the “Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d’Essais” for on-line control of these regulated parameters.  This MicroGC thus makes it possible to guarantee the energy value, the quality and the odorization of the gas coming from the Biomass after its purification.

The Biomethane Analyzer is in the form of a 19″ 5U Rack that is compatible with standard analysis bays. It can be equipped with a maximum of 3 independent analytical channels of MicroGC (the 3rd channel, optional, enabling the measurement of the odorant that is added to the Biomethane for its detection in case of leakage).

This analyzer requires the use of Soprane Metrology software installed and configured by SRA Instruments on the embedded computer (OBC). It is based on an “all-in-one” concept and is delivered ready to use.

The predefined analysis method allows to obtain all the results every 3 minutes. The certified SHV measurement range is from 9 to 12.6 kWh/m3 and the limits of quantification, particularly for sulfur compounds, are in the order of a few ppmV, with very good repeatability.

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