SCENTROID SS400 Portable Olfactometer

Scentroid’s SS400 odour lab is the world’s only portable six-panel olfactometer. The compact, flexible form allows for easy transportation and deployment.


Scentroid SS400 is an advance mobile 6 station portable olfactometer. The SS400 is used to assess odour concentration from a sample using 2 presentation modes (Binary or Yes/No) by fulfilling the requirements of the EN13725 and VDI 3881 standard.

Odour analysis to all standards
The Scentroid SS400 uses the latest technologies to deliver absolute precision & functionality. Users can perform olfactometry analysis to EN13725 & VDI 3881 with Binary, Yes/No, and Hedonic test methods.

Portability without compromise
SS400 can be transported to remote locations minimizing the time between sampling and analysis to avoid sample degradation. SS400 includes a hard watertight and shockproof carrying case.

Easy calibration
The SS400 is designed to facilitate easy annual calibration as required by the EN13725 standard. Every year, Scentroid will ship you pre-calibrated SS400 Core. All you have to do is send us back your SS400 Core. The Core you have recioeved will have ultrasonicly cleaned components and all new tubing.

Portable air supply unit
The SS400 comes with its own clean air supply module. The 2 HP ultra-quiet air compressor and all its associated intercoolers, filters, and pressure regulator are built into a easy to carry hard watertight and shockproof carrying case for easy transportation.

Use the SS400 to:

  • conduct on-site odour measurements
  • determine odour concentration in OU / m3, as per the recognized EN13725 standard
  • conduct a hedonic tone (pleasant to unpleasant) assessment of odour emissions
  • conduct panelist training and N. Butanol screening
  • interface to Scentroid Laboratory Information Management Software
  • employ binary, triangular, Yes/No, and direct presentation methods

How to use the SS400 Portable Olfactometer:

  • connect odour sample bag to the SS400 six-station portable olfactometer
  • using the admin tablet, start a new tests
  • scan the unique barcode on the sample
  • select the number of panelists participating and the test type (Yes/No, binary, or hedonic tone)
  • the system will conduct purging and assessments automatically
  • the panelist will be instructed to sniff and input their response using their dedicated tablets
  • the system will log and send all results wirelessly to Scentroid’s laboratory management software.
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