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ProChem integrates with the Agilent chromatographic acquisition software for continuous and automated analysis.


ProChem software, designed by SRA Instruments, is a monitoring software that extends the capabilities of Open Lab Chemstation CDS and Open Lab CDS to the field of online GC analysis and automation management. The Agilent workstation software can manage up to four instrument sessions independently for each computer. Each Agilent gas chromatograph can be coupled with ProChem.

The intuitive user interface of the ProChem software allows for immediate supervision, automation and sequence programming. The graphs of the different work sections are intuitive and easy to use, and the graphical tools simplify the display of analysis results in table or graph form. Additional modules are available for calculating the physical properties of the gas being analyzed or for customized calculations.

ProChem also ensures the management of the streams selectors (up to 16 positions), the acquisition of external analog signals, the management of alarms and the transmission of results in analog 4-20 mA or digital Modbus.

Management of the sampling system

ProChem controls up to 16 sampling streams from single electrovalves or VICI Valco© multi-position valves with electric or pneumatic control.

Management of analysis sequences

The programming of the analysis sequences (up to 999 lines) allows to define for each row the flow to be analyzed, the Chemstation method and the conditioning time of the line; in this way, the software anticipates the switching of the line selection valve and reduces the analysis time. For each analysis, it is also possible to define a series of timed material events: a relay actuates a valve, or an external analog value is recorded (e.g. flow rate, temperature or humidity, etc.), or the injection of the sample into the gas chromatograph is initiated, etc.

There are three main choices when programming the sequences:

  1. the operator programs a defined number of analyses
  2. analyses are programmed to run continuously
  3. The sequences are programmed at a defined time and everyone can perform analyses as desired. For example: Sequence 1 (4 analyses of stream 2, starting at 11.00 am), Sequence 5 (10 analyses of stream 4, starting at 2.00 pm), etc.
Management of analog inputs

The value of the analog inputs (from flow meters, temperature, pressure, external humidity and oxygen analyzers, etc.) is recorded, stored and displayed continuously with the analysis results. These values can be used by ProChem for customized post-analytical calculations.

Visualization of the results

The results are displayed in ProChem’s main window in the form of a chronological table, with RSD averages and repeatability, and in the form of a graphical trend (8 parameter selections) where the trends of the analysis results of the selected parameters are illustrated.

NGA/RGA and custom calculations

As an option, ProChem can perform additional RGA and NGA calculations, for example :

  • Average molar mass
  • Ideal and real density
  • Ideal and actual superior calorific value
  • Ideal and actual inferior calorific value
  • Wobbe Index
  • Compression factor
  • Carbon content.

These calculations are in accordance with ISO/DIS 6976:2016 and the experimental standard X20-522.

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