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Prochem Software



Supervision Software from Agilent Chemstation GC


Prochem allows you to multiply your ChemStation functionality to use your GC7890 an GC 8890on continuous multichannel, with analytical calculations. Here is the description of the features of this software oriented “online analysis”

Basic Features
Can operate up to 16 channels of multi-samples per valve or valve positions. Software directly controls the selection of channels.
Create sequence to chain analyzes. Change management track is intelligent and anticipates the selection of the next channel for the current analysis. Purge time by programmable.
The sequence can also select the method of analysis. (Eg different methods because different streams)
The method is automatically loaded and started when the GC is ready.

Scheduling scans
Launch of a sequence at a given time. Ex: Sequence 1 (4 analyzes the channel 1) to 12 Sequence 2 (2 analyzes channel 1, 2 analyzes lane 4) at 18:30, Etc..

Automatic mode of operation
Choosing a sequence which runs continuously with the possibility of delay between each sequence.

Possibility of sampling (pump or gas ejector) controlled by Prochem. Pumping time at the beginning of each programmable analysis.
Possibility of placing at atmospheric pressure or isolation of the sample by controlling a solenoid valve with programmable timeout.

Recovery of other data
At the time of injection, Prochem can retrieve results annexes (eg pressure, temperature, flow, other analytical result from another sensor (eg NOx, H2O) etc..) By reading analog inputs (4 – 20mA, 0-10V, WEST 8010). The analog input module is optional.
These results are saved with the file analysis and Chemstation directly viewable in a menu Chemstation. These numerical values may be used for post-analytical calculations.

Analytical calculations
Prochem retrieves the values calculated by your ChemStation method

  • Retention time
  • Concentration gross
  • Unit
  • Area
  • Schedule any outcome (eg, temperature, pressure),
  • a calculation designed by peak. Eg, [Concentration of sample peak pressure x] (read elsewhere)

These values can be included in the final report of the ChemStation for possible printing.

User interface
Prochem allows you to view:

  • All results in tabular form values directly exportable to Excel ®.
  • Display results as trends up to 8 graphics of any value in time.
  • Calculation of average hourly or daily or on a programmable range (0-9999h)

Prochem can program 8 concentration alarms on all peaks. Eg prealarm 10% and 15% Alarm 2 or Alarm etc. on the sum of peaks or any other value read. These results Alarm display red on the screen. Optional Soprane can associate these alarms relays.

Storing and Archiving
Creating archive files by stream during analyzes. Date , time of injection, time format and different results. (Compatible with Excel ®)

Data communication
Optional : Soprane can communicate all results in ASCII, 4-20mA, Modbus, Profibus.

Compatibility with Chemstation A.06 B.04 + versions


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