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Flow Modulator



This chromatographic technique is used in hydrocarbon processing, environmental, and food/fragrance applications.


Capillary Flow Technology (CFT) – GC x GC Flow Modulator

Two-dimensional GC (GC x GC) separates very complex mixtures using two different column phases.

The Agilent GC x GC CFT Flow Modulator incorporates a proprietary deactivated flow channel and integrated gas supply connections providing unprecedented robustness that is easy to use and maintenance free. CFT Flow Modulator is not limited by sample volatility providing efficient collection and injection of solutes across the volatility range

Four key properties of the modulator are:

  • No cryo-cooling needed to re-focus, providing significant savings to the lab
  • Collects the material from the first column, dividing a peak into multiple cuts
  • Focuses the material collected from each cut into a narrow band
  • Introduces the bands sequentially into the second column
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Application notes
Comprehensive flow modulated 2D
File size: 163 KB
Dual LTM flow modulated GCXGC
File size: 570 KB


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