Flow Modulator

Modulateur fluidique
Technology: GCxGC


Flow modulator: Agilent CFT


Developed based on Agilent’s proven Capillary Flow Technology, it is easy to operate, ensures high chromatographic performance and excellent reliability. Strengths:

  • no cryogenic fluids
  • small in size
  • inert
  • installed in the GC oven
  • interfaced via a 3-way solenoid valve to a pressure control module (PCM)
  • precisely and reliably controlled by the Agilent 8890 GC.

The microfluidic platform of the reversed flow modulator, the PCM of the GC 8890 (with pressure accuracy of 0.001 psi) and the FID with acquisition speed up to 1000 Hz, are the basis for a GCxGC system that delivers good performance while remaining accessible, reliable, and affordable.

Main features:

  • operation from permanent gases to high boiling compounds: flow modulation makes GCxGC applications possible without volatility limits
  • high chromatographic resolution: the proven CFT platform produces narrow and symmetrical peaks thanks to the low dead volume and the precise flow control
  • good sensitivity thanks to the band compression generated by the back-flush operation dynamics
  • Flow modulation allows to increase considerably the separation power and to characterize also very complex samples composed of a wide range of compounds, from low to high boiling, belonging to different chemical classes.

The accessible but effective approach guarantees high performance, stability and ease of use. The Agilent flow modulator is the ideal platform for applying GCxGC to routine use with high productivity.

Application notes
Comprehensive flow modulated 2D
File size: 163 KB
Dual LTM flow modulated GCXGC
File size: 570 KB


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