SCENTROID GD600 Gas Dilution System

Automated Calibration Solution


The Scentroid GD600 Gas Dilution System provides an easy solution to simplify calibrating chemical analyzers. GD600 generates its own zero-air by scrubbing the ambient air using its 3-stage filter. Calibration gases are diluted using zero air or optionally N2 to provide a reference gas of any concentration. This allows the operator to easily conduct multi-point calibration. By controlling the mass flow of the reference gas, GD600 not only simplifies the calibration process but also reduces the consumption of reference gases. Through the user-friendly android app, the user can command the GD600 to perform single or multiple point calibrations simply by entering the desired gas concentrations and time between samplings for each point.

Efficient and Cost Saving:
The dilution system eliminates the need for sample bags. Normally, 3 gas canisters are required per sensor when calibrating. With this system, 1 bottle will last through multiple calibrations. Plus, there is no longer a need to remove equipment to send to a lab for re-calibration, removing expensive transportation costs and unnecessary labour. All processes are now infield.

Ease of Use:
Fully automated dilution. User only required to provide desired dilution and minimum output flow rate. Inlet for 0 – 10,000 ml / min dilutes N2/zero air from external sources. Scrubbers with patented porous pellets are then used for removing contaminants. All potentially harmful gases and odours emitted during calibration are also scrubbed clean.


Durability:Built into a pelican case for ease of transportation and operation
Inlet: Inlet designed for 0 – 10,000 ml / min dilution
Zero Air Generator: 7000 ml / min
Dilution Range: 2 to 5000
System: Bluetooth connection to any android device
Filter Scrubbers: Patented porous pellets
Power: Built in Battery, 120 – 240v charger

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