SCENTROID DR2000 Drone Based Environmental Monitoring

A weight reduction down to ~600g now allows for a much more diverse drone portfolio.


Scentroid’s DR2000 Drone-Based Environmental Monitoring and Air Quality Analyzer
After years of testing and client feedback, Scentroid has improved technology in several ways. First and foremost, a weight reduction down to ~600g now allows for a much more diverse drone portfolio, and a smaller weight grants the operator a longer flight time. Scentroid has also improved the DR2000’s communication capabilities, offering more range and a faster/higher throughput.

Advancements in sensor electronics allow for a much more stable and accurate reading, electrochemical sensor health and lifetime check, and improved particulate matter measurements. On top of that, our sensors now boast a significantly shorter warm-up time.

Newly designed advanced lightweight carbon fibre casing now provides a sleek, aerodynamic body, further reducing drag. And last but certainly not least, our improved sample intake provides continuous and smooth airflow for stable readings, dramatically reducing the pulsation from pumps.

The DR2000 Drone-Based Environmental Monitoring Flying laboratory provides a robust platform to conduct both impact assessments and air quality measurements for a wide range of applications. This includes the monitoring of fugitive emissions, flare emissions, leak detection along oil pipelines, landfill methane, odour emissions, military or emergency applications, urban scanning, and much, much more.

A thermal-imaging camera can also be installed for visual confirmation of fugitive emissions in a variety of applications such as landfills, storage tanks, and oil/gas pipes.

Need to take an air sample for post analysis or to send to a laboratory for testing?
Scentroid DR2000 equipped with a sample collection module will collect and store air samples in a secure PTFE bag. Simply click the “Grab a sample” button on the ground station app and the drone will fill the sample bag. Coupled with a wide variety of sample bag technology that can be shipped to you at the time of ordering, Scentroid has you covered for all of your sampling needs.

NEW: Sample Bag Filling
The Scentroid DR2000 can now be equipped with a miniature state-of-the-art pumping system to allow for the collection and storage of air samples within a sampling bag. This module is easy to use, portable, and serves as a cost-effective air sample collection device. Use the DR2000 to collect samples directly and in hard to reach places without dilution from stack, ambient air, without the assistance of other sampling devices such as flux chambers or wind tunnels.

Live Camera and Thermal Imaging
DR2000 units can now be fitted with a camera, giving you the tools you need to record your entire UAV monitoring project.

With thermal camera add-on, DR2000 inspections will be able to detect the leaks from a variety of volatile organic compounds and pipelines. Aerial thermal inspections can also result in the early detection of damage to structural abnormalities, piping and detect other external and internal inconsistencies.

Heater Module for High Humidity
Install the heater module to enhance the accuracy and extend the operating conditions to highly humid environment. Through use of a heater module, the effect of extreme humidity on particulate matter readings will be significantly reduced.

Compatible with a Wide Variety of Drones
Scentroid is capable of retrofitting a wide variety of drones with the DR2000. Let us know your drone model and the maximum payload weight, and we will create a custom mounting bracket just for you.

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