Hydrogen Sensor for GC

The hydrogen sensor continuously detects the hydrogen proportion of the GC oven air


LEDs signal an increasing hydrogen concentration. If this concentration exceeds the limits, optical and acoustic alarms and the switch to inert gas will eliminate any risk of explosion. The Hydrogen Sensor can fully be integrated in Agilent 7890 GCs and Shimadzu GCs 2010/2014 (LEDs in front panel). For all other GC models, the sensor is available as external device.

Sensor configuration: Sensor head / control unit with LEDs, optical and acoustic alarm / gas switching module
Hydrogen concentration exceeds lower limit (10% of the lower explosion limit, LEL): first red LED lights up, audio warning
Hydrogen concentration exceeds upper limit (25% of the LEL resp. 1% by vol. H2): alarm signal sounds, automatic switching to inert gas

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