24 November 2020

How accurate viscosity measurement can improve productivity and reduce waste in the production of enamels, paints, glues, coatings and lubricating oils.

Cambridge Viscosity’s innovative VP-2100 in-line viscometer is the ideal solution for in-line measurement of the viscosity of a fluid and for process and production control of materials whose final properties are closely related to the degree of viscosity.
VP-2100 is based on the unique oscillating piston technology. The constant movement of the piston guarantees the continuous exchange of the sample in the measuring chamber and at the same time the mechanical cleaning of the sensor. The Advance Sensors sensor has been designed not to be affected by vibrations, sample flow, gas or solid particles.

The specific features guarantee accurate and stable results over time and make the VP-2100 viscometer suitable for any type of installation, from safe classified areas to Eex classified environments. It is suitable for a variety of applications, from immersion sampling in tanks to in-line installations.

During the webinar there will be a demonstration of the Web User Interface.

The webinar will be held in English.