ViscoPro 2100

ViscoPro 2100: Process Viscometer Robust, Accurate, Real-time Viscosity Measurement.


PAC ViscoPro 2100

The PAC ViscoPro 2100 is the next generation viscometer for the process industries. By incorporating the oscillating piston method, which is an industry-proven sensor technology, the ViscoPro 2100 is the best choice for applications requiring fast, real-time analysis with reliable data that correlates tightly with laboratory results.

Built using the same robust sensor technology that has more than 10,000 installations worldwide, the ViscoPro 2100 delivers highly reliable, real-time viscosity data. It is the ideal viscometer for almost any refining, petrochemical, or coatings application due to the following benefits:

Unique Oscillating Piston Method Delivers Unmatched Value

  • Insensitive to outside environment , including vibration, flow, etc
  • Long-term calibration due to self-cleaning
  • Extremely durable with hardly any downtime
  • Highly robust and can handle heavy samples, such as asphalt

Accurate, Real-Time Analysis Supports Critical Decision Making

  • Repeatability of 0.5% or 1.5% available depending on application package
  • Correlation to ASTM D7483 and ASTM D445
  • Diagnostic indication of system performance via Modbus or system user interface

Easy to Install Process Viscometer

  • Small sample size requirements reduces work in progress waste
  • Optional user-friendly field configuration tool for troubleshooting
  • Offers a wide range of probes, from ” NPT to 3” ANSI connections
  • Hazardous Area Certifications, including FM, IECEX, and ATEX

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