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The Agilent 7200B SERIES GC/Q-TOF resolve search for both targets and unknowns

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GC/Q-TOF Agilent 7200B

The Agilent 7200B Quadrupole Time-of-Flight GC/MS system delivers full-spectrum, high-resolution, accurate-mass data for screening, profiling, and identifying GC-amenable compounds, using electron ionization and PCI/NCI modes.


  • Reduce false positives with high-resolution, accurate-mass data.
  • Ensure excellent data quality even for narrow chromatographic peaks in high-throughput workflows with data acquisition rates up to 50 spectra/second.
  • Identify compounds with increased confidence using the SureMass algorithm for highly accurate and sensitive extraction of library-quality compound spectra for high match scores.
  • Assign chemical formulae to unknown compounds and fragments using MassHunter software.
  • Separate target compounds from background interferences with high-resolution data.
  • Detect and identify trace-level target compounds in the presence of more abundant matrix compounds with a wide in-spectrum dynamic range.
  • Perform untargeted screening with the selectivity of in-source EI fragment data using Agilent’s All Ions technique for GC/Q-TOF.
  • Elucidate chemical structures with MS/MS capabilities to reveal greater detail.
  • Perform easy and fast ion source swapping for routine maintenance or ionization mode changes while maintaining vacuum with Agilent’s removable ion source.
  • Perform accurate, sensitive quantification across a wide linear dynamic range with the SureMass algorithm.
  • Powerful, thermally-modulated comprehensive GCxGC for the highest known chromatographic resolution through partnership with ZOEX Corporation.