Analysis of Hydrogen, Natural Gas and Biomethane

The new SRA R990 Micro Process Gas Chromatograph is an analytical platform ready to support energy transition analyzes.


The MicroGC R990 combines the flexibility of modular gas chromatography with the capabilities of SRA Instruments software to ensure on-site a constant and continuous measurement of the quality of gases and their energy content.
The characteristics of the MicroGC technology make it possible to analyze simultaneously the components present in the sample in a range of concentrations from % to a few ppm.

There are 7 analysis configurations dedicated to the different types of combustible gases:

  • GC # 1 – Natural Gas (Nitrogen, CO2, C1-C6 +)
  • GC # 2 – Natural Gas + Hydrogen + Oxygen
  • GC # 3 – Natural Gas + Odorant (THT, TBM)
  • GC # 4 – Natural Gas + Hydrogen + Oxygen + Odorant (THT, TBM)
  • GC # 5 – Biomethane (Nitrogen, C1-C3, CO2, CO, H2S, COS, O2, H2)
  • GC # 6 – Biomethane + Odorant (THT, TBM)
  • GC # 7 – Hydrogen + Oxygen

Each configuration is optimized to achieve the required separation and can include from a minimum of 1 to 4 parallel and independent chromatographic channels, each consisting of an injector, high efficiency capillary column and µTCD detector.

The new R990 instrumental platform facilitate an easy user experience through a 7 “TFT touch panel display that allows the operator to interact with the instrument main functions and see locally the results of the analyzes.The remote connectivity with TCP / IP and the internal PC allow access to all machine settings and diagnostic operations.

The proprietary SRA Soprane CDS software, installed in the R990 analyzers, has been developed to be flexible and easily programmable in order to make it easy to connect to the most common industrial communication protocols and measurement systems.
A bi-directional communication is also possible through multiple serial or TCP / IP ports with acquisition systems and industrial interfaces.

Application notes
Analysis of Hydrogen, Natural Gas and Biomethane with SRA R990

MicroGC from SRA R990 process declined to the analysis of Hydrogen, Natural Gas and Biomethane

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