SRA R990

SRA R990 MicroGC
Technology: Laboratory


Powerful and versatile micro gas chromatograph


An attractive design and a wide potential of use, there are the main features of the new R-990 designed by SRA Instruments. This powerful gas analyzer uses the latest gas chromatography miniaturization technologies, developed by Agilent Technologies, to perform gas mixture analyzes in less than 3 minutes. This µGC is perfect to be used in the laboratories, in research or production departments with a particular aptitude to continuous analysis of process gases in gas distribution systems, pilot plants or small reactors.

The system, available in desktop or rack cabinet version, is compact in its hardware organization but modular in the choice of the analysis configuration. R-990 incorporates an on-board computer with Windows 10 operating system and chromatographic and process software; a bright and large LCD video with touch screen offers an easy-to-use feature necessary for those who have to manage the start of analysis, instrumental diagnostics and measurement results.


Technical specifications

The MicroGC R990 can be configured for:

  • integrate from 1 to 4 analytical channels
  • integrate up to 2 internal pumps
  • install 1 or 2 sample inlets
  • mount 1 or 2 lines for carrier gas.

The analyzer has:

  • a front LED control panel that displays the system status (ready, running, alarm)
  • a SUBD-25 female connector
  • 2 digital inputs
  • 2 digital input outputs
  • 2 output relays (24V 1A maximum).

The voltage available is 1 x 5V – 1 x 12V (500mA max). The remote signals are: 1 x start in – 1 ready in – 1 ready out – 1 start out.

The configurations can be:

  • without on Board Computer, this version includes: 1 Ethernet port, 3 USB (1 on the front panel and 2 on the rear panel), Wifi device, Dongle license of SRA Soprane CDS Software, Storage (Mobile or Pro License), 1 SUBD-9 male for Vici valve, RS232 COM1. With the Pro license version there are 2 SUBD- 9 male COM 2 and COM 3 RS232 / RS422 / RS485 ModBus
  • with on Board Computer type Intel core i3 Processor, SSD 256GB, RAM 8GB, Windows 10 and SRA Soprane CDS Software. Complete with 1 Ethernet port, 1 USB 3.2 on the front panel and 2 USB 2.0 on the rear panel, 2 SUB-D 9 male RS232 – RS422 – RS485 (VICI valve or ModBus via Soprane CDS), 1 SUB-D 9 male RS232 (valve VICI or ModBus via Soprane CDS), 1 VGAs.

The available options are also:

  • analog input
  • membrane filter with or without sulfinert coating
  • front touchscreen control panel (for on board computer version)
  • pressure sensors
  • sample introduction lines with 3-way valve or multi-position valve
  • analog or digital input / output
  • further customizations are possible upon request.

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