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The SRA Lab software developed by SRA Instruments is evolving, with a more modern design and new features.


SRA Lab is an ” addon ” to chromatography software, dedicated to control functions. This makes it particularly suitable for quality control laboratories.

Initially designed to support EZChrom Elite, SRA Lab software for GC analysers has been modernized with a new graphical interface and OpenLab CDS compatibility.

Analytical laboratories use a Lims (Laboratory Information Management System) to manage analyses and results, and a CDS (Chromatography Data System) to perform analyses.

The SRA Lab software saves time, as it replaces the CDS by importing the Lims sequence and making it available to the user, thus avoiding the need to create it twice. Users can also add to the sequence as they wish, even during acquisition.

Analysis sequences
  • SRA Lab uses a single sequence for each instrument, and displays a sequence status for each instrument.
  • As SRA Lab presents the sequence as a list of analysis tasks for each analyzer, it is possible to redefine the order in which analyses are performed at any time.
  • As SRA Lab has its own sequence, it is possible to modify it even while in use, without having to pause it.
  • The operator can add analyses and complete their content, reorganize analyses or reset the sequence table.
Specific results and calculations
  • Analysis results can be viewed in the CDS or in SRA Lab. They are presented in a table and can be transferred to Lims with a single click, with the application of specific calculations.
  • The operator can import results that have been reprocessed in OpenLab Data Analysis and transfer them back to Lims.
  • SRA Lab uses analysis reports exported from CDS. These reports make all the analysis information available to SRA Lab so that specific calculations can be performed and a customized results report presented to the operator for each analyzer.
Number of instruments and versions
  • SRA Lab software supports as many instruments as the CDS allows (4 for Agilent Chemstation or Agilent CDS Workstation) and as many as required as a Client Server (OpenLab CDS).
  • SRA Lab is available as a workstation version or as a Client Server.
Fields of application

Lims are designed for all sectors, but more specifically for regulated industries such as chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Manufacturers need to pay particular attention to the management of standards and regulations, product quality and traceability. Lims enables them to manage the quality control part of the laboratory.

SRA Lab software helps to manage laboratory activity efficiently, and is particularly well suited to quality control analysis structures.


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