DIP Direct Inlet Probe

Technology: Direct MS Ilnet Probe


Direct Inlet Probe System (dip) for Agilent MSD 5977


This supplement for the Agilent detectors MSD 5977 enables the direct acquisition of mass spectra without uncoupling the GC/MS interface.

  • two different push rod tips for liquid and solid samples
  • automatic insertion of the sample into the high vacuum of the ion source (EI/CI)
  • comfortable operation of the system via DIP Software (temperature program for push rod heating) und Agilent MS ChemStation (spectral processing)
  • direct inlet probe for low volatile and solid samples
  • no removal of the GC and GC/MS interface to record a mass spectrum, that means switching from MS-DIP to GC/MS and vice versa without venting the MSD
  • external controller for valve and pumping system and heating/cooling of the probe tip
  • complete solutions of the Agilent MSD 55977 (optionally EI or CI) together with the MSD Direct Inlet Probe System and the appropriate software or re-fitting of existent GC/MS systems
  • upgradeable with CombiPal autosampler for automation and online analysis (of liquid and solid samples)

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