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Technology: GC-TOF and GC-QTOF

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When coupled with BenchTOF2 mass spectrometers, ChromSpace offers integration of instrument control and novel tools to streamline Tandem Ionisation workflows


ChromSpace provides streamlined qualitative and quantitative analysis of 1D and 2D GC(‒MS) data, with optional modules for alignment and powerful chemometrics, all in a single, intuitive user interface.

When coupled with BenchTOF2 mass spectrometers, ChromSpace also offers seamless integration of instrument control and novel tools to streamline Tandem Ionisation workflows.

ChromSpace 1D

  • Intuitive processing of GC(–MS) data for a range of file types (including .lsc, .d, .raw, .rsd and .cdf).
  • Easy-to-learn workflows with fast method creation and batch processing, quantitation, and reporting/exporting.
  • Fast data navigation with customisable, dynamically-linked charts, tables and spectra.
  • Automated background subtraction of interferences, and uncovering of ‘hidden’ compounds with easy-to-use deconvolution.
  • Time-saving features such as one-click library hits and saved EIC sets.
  • Fast screening for compounds (or classes) of interest using the Compound Explorer toolkit.
  • Automatically align chromatograms and find significant differences between samples by adding ChromCompare+ chemometrics module.


  • All of the powerful tools of ChromSpace 1D but with extended compatibility for GC×GC(‒MS) data.
  • Fast group-type analysis with easy-to-use stencils and reporting.
  • Multiple GC×GC chromatograms can be viewed in a single window.
  • Flexible options for peak merging, with simple review of peak integration.
  • Interactive 3D surface charts can be overlaid, stacked and inverted.
  • Network licensing to easily unify lab processing.
  • Robust alignment of the raw data for simpler and more confident comparison.

Features exclusively for BenchTOF mass spectrometers

  • Full instrument control and data processing in a single streamlined software.
  • Integrated control of BenchTOF2, as well as a range of GCs, INSIGHT® modulators and sample introduction platforms.
  • Real-time display of 1D and 2D chromatograms means data can be explored while the sample is still running.
  • Streamlined Tandem Ionisation workflows allow users to explore both 70 eV and soft EI data embedded within a single ‘tandem’ file.
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