Webinar: New SeNse chemiluminescence detector by AC Analytical Controls (PAC)

2 December 2020

State of the art in the analysis of sulfur compounds in hydrocarbons with SCD chemiluminescence detector and gas chromatography.

To protect the health of people and the environment, various regulations have been approved to reduce SOx emissions resulting from the combustion of certain types of fuel. As a condition for their use, limits have been imposed on the sulfur content. This requires, during the production phase, the accurate determination not only of the total sulfur content, but also the identification and accurate quantification of each sulfur species present.

The new SeNse chemiluminescence detector from AC Analytical Controls (PAC) combined with gas chromatography is indispensable where selectivity and sensitivity are an essential factor.
The presentation will illustrate the innovative construction design of the AC SeNse detector and the exceptional performance of sensitivity, stability and equimolarity that allow this detector to be easy to use and robust for routine checks.

Webinar partner: PAC and ENI