Year: 2021

23 November 2021

LNI Swissgas: Hydrogen generators

High reliability guaranteed by exclusive and patented solutions
11 November 2021

MARKES: MULTI-GAS for XR series thermal desorbers

Markes Multi-Gas technology allows thermal desorption (TD) tools to work with three gases: helium, nitrogen...
25 October 2021

TESTED BY US: How to improve analysis with Agilent QTOF 7250 coupled with GC × GC with Zoex thermal modulator

We asked Daniela Peroni, Senior Application Specialist & Internal Lab Manager, how the Agilent QTOF...
3 September 2021

X-One e S-One analyzers for oil-in-water measurements

Serie X-One specifica per utilizzo in aree NON sicure e serie S-One per le stesse...
20 August 2021

Trace Mercury Analysis

Limits of 1 ppt and high productivity for solid, liquid or semi solid matrices
9 August 2021

ChromSpace+ Software

A powerful new chemometry platform
26 May 2021

Centurion autosampler for water or water and soil analysis

Latest generation 100-position autosampler
12 March 2021

New Micro Gas Chromatograph R990

Innovative and versatile MicroGC for bench applications or in 19 ”- 5U rack configuration

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