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The Agilent Intuvo 9000 Gas Chromatography system opens new paths to higher productivity

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Intuvo 9000 GC System

The Agilent Intuvo 9000 Gas Chromatography system opens new paths to higher productivity and better business outcomes. Save on operational costs, reduce electrical power consumption, reduce bench space consumption by 50%, and increase individual unit productivity by 25%. The Intuvo 9000 uses advanced technologies to operate like no other commercially available GC systems.


  • Guard Chips eliminate the need to clip columns by protecting downstream components from contamination; columns are protected, not just maintained
  • Intuvo no-trim GC columns require no maintenance
  • Direct heating oven delivers linear and repeatable temperature ramps from 30 to 450 at 250 C/min
  • Ferrule-free, click-and-run connections allow any operator, regardless of experience, to make completely leak-free connections
  • Innovative Flow Path provides the ability to configure the GC flow path as needed, making backflush installation simple
  • Smart ID Keys attached to critical flow path components provide information such as configuration and column age with default parameters for configuration
  • Intelligent troubleshooting routines diagnoses problems in the system by measuring over 100 system touchpoints in real time and provide a step-by-step solution guide in an easy-to-read format
  • Large touch screen control with ability to deliver instrument information wirelessly through secure networks
  • Uses less than half the power of a conventional GC, can be plugged in to any outlet without changing the wiring of the lab
  • Ideal platform for high speed or high throughput gas chromatography with fast heating and cool down time
  • The perfect GC for use with 5977B, 7000D, and 7010B mass spectrometer systems

Il gascromatografo Agilent Intuvo GC 9000 offre una nuova esperienza d’uso e ridisegna il concetto di gascromatografia in un modo completamente nuovo e innovativo, aprendo la nuova frontiera della produttività.

Progettato assieme ai nostri Clienti, per i Clienti, Intuvo 9000 rende una complessa tecnologia facile all’uso. Le connessioni « click-and-run » eliminano le ferrule, la tecnologia guard-chip estende la vita delle colonne, e le stesse non devono essere più tagliate mantenendo così costanza dei tempi di ritenzione.

Con la tecnologia Intuvo Flow technology chips