Micro PGC 990 – EXPLOSION-PROOF process Micro GC

Technology: Process


A single analyzer for the analysis of natural gas, biomethane, hydrogen and odorants.


The μPGC 990 is a process gas-chromatograph based on the μ-GC technologies suitable to measure different fuel mixtures
and its impurities. The μPGC 990 is ATEX certified following ATEX 94/9/EC – EMC norms 2004/108/EC, EN 55011, EN 61000
and EN 61326-1.
Protection Level:

The analyzer allows rapid, accurate and online analyzes of Natural Gas, Biogas, Biomethane and Hydrogen directly near the sampling point.

The μPGC 990 is controlled by the SRA Soprane software, installed on a Personal Computer (external in a secure area or on-board computer) or via Web Server Software reachable via IP address.

The analyzer can be interfaced with industrial acquisition systems and has various automation possibilities to meet the specific needs of each plant.

Regulatory Context

  • UNI ISO 11885:2022 – Functional characteristics of gas chromatographs with TCD detector installed on gas transport and distribution networks
  • UNI/TS 11537:2024 – Injection of biomethane into natural gas transport and distribution networks
  • UNI 7133-2:2023 – Odorization of gas for domestic and similar use
  • UNI EN ISO 2614:2023 – Analysis of natural gas – Biomethane – Determination of terpene content through μgas chromatography.

Main features

  • High-speed gas analysis (fast, simultaneous separations)
  • Parallel isothermal channels for short cycle times that increase productivity
  • Up to two simultaneous carrier gases (helium, argon, hydrogen, nitrogen)
  • Up to four analytical channels (injector, detector, column)
  • Low sample gas requirements
  • Modular design and award-winning miniaturized MEMS components
  • Robust and reliable for process applications
  • Proprietary chromatographic and process software
  • Flexibility in automation and data transmission
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the modularity of the analytical channels
  • Suitable for integration into racks and existing shelters.

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