Mineral Oil analysis in food & food packaging

LC-GC on-line determination of aliphatic and aromatic fractions (MOSH/MOAH)


When speaking about packaging evaluation, great emphasis is placed on so called FCMOs (Food-Contact Materials and Objects), with particular reference to characterization of hydrocarbons that may appear in food-packaging and, consequently in contained foods.

Because of their potential toxicity, mineral oils content must be carefully monitored, especially in case of FCMOs based to varying degrees on recycled materials.

Either the total amount of Mineral Oil (MO), and its characterization are important; this means being able to speciate aliphatic (MOSH) and aromatic (MOAH) fractions.

Although nowadays there is no ad hoc regulation, several authorities are putting efforts in order to harmonize analytical method to get homogeneous analytical data.

Among most relevant works, it is certainly to consider the one carried on at the Zurich Kantonales Labor (CH), that represents up to today the main road, either for a strictly analytical approach and for the attention given to the method automation.

Starting from such work, SRA Instruments developed a comprehensive on-line system that meets the demand of reliability and automation.

Application notes
Mineral Oil analysis in food & food packaging (MOSH-MOHA)

LC-GC on-line quantitation of aliphatic and aromatic fractions (MOSH/MOAH)

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