Shipping container airspace contains a complex mixture of chemical vapors

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Industry-leading accuracy, speed, and reliability for critical safety testing of trapped air in shipping containers

Syft Technologies’ instruments provide a cost-effective solution for real-time detection of fumigants, toxic industrial compounds and other hazardous substances at the point of container inspection. We provide a complete solution covering sample collection, compound analysis and comprehensive, unambiguous reporting.
The unique analytical technology platform and broad spectrum capabilities of Syft Technologies instrumentation makes the system also suitable for detecting the signatures of specific goods, such as tobacco.
Container handling is a competitive business and nobody can afford downtime while containers are screened, yet every responsible employer values workplace safety. Syft Technologies’ instruments balance these demands by delivering a seamless solution that can be integrated into current devanning and inspection practices with minimal disruption whilst providing instant intelligence on previously unidentified container contents.
Voice200 ContainerSur
The ultimate instrument for trace detection of toxic gases in shipping containers Self-contained Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS) platform optimized for high-throughput analysis of fumigants and TICs.
  • Accurate
    Syft Technologies’ solutions allow you to analyze the levels of trace VOCs, such as fumigants and TICs, in container air space. All mandated safety levels fall well within the detection limits of Syft Technologies’ instruments.
  • Fast
    Instantaneous identification and quantification of VOCs eliminates uncertainties and allows for appropriate courses of action to be taken quickly. Should elevated concentrations be detected, the container can be prepared for air space evacuation. If no threat is detected unloading can proceed immediately without disruption to workflow.
  • Simple
    Designed for push-button simplicity. The self contained, on-site system is easy to operate requiring minimal training and without the need for expensive or off-site scientific expertise.
Application notes
Rapid Identification and Quantification of Fumigants and Toxic Chemicals

Rapid Identification and Quantification of Common Fumigants and Toxic Chemicals in the Shipping Industry

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