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X-One D series – Deep UV Fluorescence Oil in Water Process Analyser

Side-Stream or Inline, for Hazardous Areas


The X-One-DS and X-One-DP are Oil in Water analysers that use Deep UV Fluorescence to provide
continuous accurate measurements of oil concentrations in water. The analyser detects a wide range of oils
types from light refined oils through to heavy crude oils.
Reliable real-time data enables operators to record accurate discharge measurements, react to process
changes and improve process effciency thus enabling cost reductions.The analysers comprise a central
controller connected to a measurement module. The measurement module is available in side stream and
inline configurations for placement in a process by-pass loop (X-One-DS) or directly in a process pipe (X-
One-DP) respectively. The X-One additionally facilitates interconnection of 3rd party sensors to the
controller via Modbus and 4-20mA inputs.

Application Examples
Applications include Oil in Water measurement in discharge management, process improvement, cooling
water, waste-water treatment and oil leak detection. Please follow up with ASL to determine the optimum
configuration for your specific application.

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