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VUV detector


VUV Analytics

Absorption spectrometer in V-Ultraviolet range for coupling with GC


Based on vacuum ultraviolet absorption spectrometry, this universal detector brings answers to the most complex applications, because all existing gaseous molecules strongly absorb in the wavelength range covered. Coupled to gas chromatography, it provides qualitative and quantitative results with an excellent sensitivity and an unparalleled selectivity.

Advantages :

  • Universal detection.
  • Non-destructive analysis.
  • Spectral data provide unique fingerprint for all compounds measured.
  • Does not require vacuum pump.

Features :

  • Collect data between 120 and 430 nm.
  • Operate up to 450°C for the analysis of high boiling point compounds.
  • Detection limit at picogram level.
  • Clear and easy isomer differentiation.
  • Easy deconvolution of co-eluting analytes.

Application fields :

  • Petrochemical
  • Specialty gas
  • Flavors & Fragrances
  • Environment
  • Life science

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